Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Lane Crawford, Hong Kong

Images Courtesy and Copyright Angel Ko
In a hurry?  Then why not splash out on a new pair of gorgeous shoes with a rocket attached?  Simple solution but clearly rather effective, don't you think?  Here at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, courtesy once again of the lovely Angel Ko, this brand, who we don't really know much about (but think Harvey Nichols for a comparison) are delighting us with their brilliantly fun scheme.  Shoes are notoriously difficult to show well and in an interesting way so this is a great leap forward in providing a creative solution.  In a scheme created with a large Black and White graphic and White painted models of space ships and aeroplanes, this must be a teenage boys fantasy - maybe without the shoes of course?  In a monochromatic scheme where the only colour is provided by the merchandise itself we are immediately drawn in to focus on it.  Great fun and job well done.   

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Loewe, Madrid

Images Courtesy and Copyright Anhara Alvarez

Its not often that we have the chance to see whats happening around Europe (even if we are part of it) so thankfully our wonderful contact Anhara Alvarez captured the latest scheme at Loewe along Serrano Street in Madrid, Spain's incredible capital city to share with us all.  While we are familiar with this brand, we don't really see very much of it, however, we have seen some great schemes from them in the past.  Here, for this years Christmas scheme they have created this giant wooden toy train carrying the merchandise.  We would love to see more of what these guys do, so many thanks Anhara for sharing these.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Harvey Nichols, Hong Kong

Images Courtesy and Copyright Angel Ko

Wow, have you seen the latest Harvey Nichols scheme in Hong Kong?  Our ever fabulous contact Angel Ko has sent us the latest offering from this very cool brand which is clearly rocking Asia right now...!  A dress created from Red coloured pegs, giant shoes comprised of CD's, a giant key and enormous teddy bear covered in dummy's (pacifiers to those of you reading this state side).  Its no wonder this brand remains top of its game and a massive thank you to Angel for sending us these to share.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Matches Fashion, London

Images Courtesy and Copyright Nathan Hicks
Have you seen the scheme at Matches yet?  This incredible luxury retailer has been working in collaboration with Jotta production and have commissioned emerging artists to create unique installations in each of their London stores for Christmas 2011. Each window features a festive three dimensional illuminated artwork by artists Chloe Bonfield, Puck Collective, and POS Textiles, surrounded by a display of gifts decorated with bespoke wrapping paper designed especially for Matches.  This is an incredible move forward for retailers tapping into the resources of London/UK's finest and creative Artists which we support 100%.  After all, both Warhol and Dali began their careers in this industry and so much potential is lost if we're not behind the new, fresh and talented.  We love Matches philosophy, don't you?

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Banana Republic, London

We wrote about this scheme a short while ago here at Banana Republic.  Unfortunately, we were rather hasty and on the ball....or bauble (!).......and wrote about it before it had been completed.  The guys here have worked incredibly hard, this scheme looks absolutely fun and we keep going back for more and more views.  From across the street (Regent Street) this scheme, in conjunction with other retailers looks absolutely superb.  Well done guys...........sorry we got there before you had finished, however it really is fantastic.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Desigual, London

Desigual have continually amused and entertained us throughout 2011 and possibly their final scheme for this year is no exception.  This scheme is quite ghostly in some respects with their glowing Santa head and so on.  The mannequins look very icy in this scheme and dressed in the merchandise from this brand which has a huge personality.  We can only wonder that, if these guys had a much bigger space to work with, what they could possibly do, although we are teasing ourselves to even think of this notion considering they have a relatively small space to work with at this store along Regent street.  In the meantime we read today that,  apparently the words 'thank you' have been replaced with the more commonly used 'cheers' here in the old U of K, so in the same as our fellow countrymen and women, Cheers Desigual for making our work ever more interesting and fun. 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Sebago, London

Were you are the Sebago launch last night?  If not, never mind, just pop by and take a look at Regent streets new addition to the high street.  The store was so rammed last night that it was difficult to get some decent shots to show you without loads of people in front of everything.  As you know, we don't do people in our images.  However, here are a few at least.  With their ocean liner interior space this is actually quite a beautiful store.  On the 'lower deck' gorgeous leather chairs and references to all things nautical.  As you can see, from the middle image, port holes illuminated from behind highlight the product.  This is quite a relatively small space by Regents street standards, although the guys here have really open this up and down stairs (or lower deck) you would have absolutely no idea where you were - pure escapism.  Upstairs, we love the old leather sofas and in particular the small props supporting the product.  Thanks guys for a great evening and hope the store is a great success.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Esprit, Hong Kong

Image Courtesy and Copyright Angel Ko
Our wonderful contact in Hong Kong, Angel Ko, continues to delight us with the very best of whats happening on the other side of the world (from us) right now.  Here at the incredible Esprit store, and no doubt a flag ship of the company, glows like a beacon to the masses on the high street.  How could anyone not be drawn to this?  The moving digital screens delight and entice us into the space, and so much so that we are dying to see what happens inside what Venturi called, in his book 'Learning from Las Vegas', the decorated shed.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Jack Wills, London

We haven't always been fans of this brand (and goodness knows one of their VM team reminded us last time we included this brand)  although, hands up, they seem to have grown into their skin.  Gone, it seems at least, is the American freshman / super senior 'look' and faux brand heritage (well we never really believed it all - with an office in sunny Salcombe in Devon, the cache was lost, so who would anyway?) and here we have the brand tapping into the latest of London's nostalgia, post-Royal wedding and pre-Jubilee 2012 trend with street party an' all.  We really do quite like where they are going with this but we guess its going to take just a little while longer until they really get this brand right.  We'll just keep watching from the sidelines anyway, but in the mean time we're just telling it like it is.

Monday, 21 November 2011

All Saints, London

Wow, what a refreshing change.  All Saints have (at least at their Regent street store) taken away the multitude of vintage Singer sewing machines and opened up their space to the world.  How different is this, hey?  We do love the product at this brand and this is quite a bold move, but a refreshing one at least.  We always have a peak inside this store and their product ranges are superb - we buy a lot of this stuff.  The industrial feel to their spaces just works so well and the lighting levels always seem to have that kind of dappled sunlight feel.  Anyway, do go and have a look at the space and see what a difference it makes.  These guys just get it so right.

H and M, London

End of another in the till......job done.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Hermes, Hong Kong

Images Courtesy and Copyright Angel Ko

Our fabulous contact Angel Ko in Hong Kong has once again sent us some of the best that this part of the world has to offer in terms of window schemes in Asia.  Hermes are currently using these gorgeous White horses - of course this links quite nicely with their heritage - and bales of hay manicured to within an inch of their life and on which the product has been beautifully placed.  A very simple but so sophisticated, don't you think?

H and M, London

There was a huge amount of excitement in London's West end with the launch of Versace for Ebay this week.....oops, for H and M this week.  The queues were literally around the block waiting to buy this stuff.  We saw customers with literally bags full of this hideous 'bling' at the Tube stations throughout the day.  It seems H and M have cracked a fantastic promotional angle the likes of which we tend to only see outside Apple stores before the launch of yet another I-something.  Anyway,  we hope this week that you managed to get your one-of-each-size purchases to sell on Ebay too.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Fred Perry, London

We haven't checked out this brand for quite some time.  Well, not since the installation of the Amy Winehouse launch quite a few months ago now.  But anyway.  During 2011 we have seen quite a few references to trophy heads, whether, real - the skulls of them with horns or recreated in fabric - and tracked this trend throughout the year.  We saw knitted ones in Anthropologie last December in NYC next to the Rockefeller centre (or center? depending on where you are reading this)  and we do love them.  Here at Fred Perry, we have a combination of knit and fabric in conjunction with the the iconic laurel wreath for horns which is of course link very closely with this brand.  Great fun.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Gant, London

Were you at Gants 'Rugger' launch last night?  If you weren't invited then you really did miss an incredible evening in the Coolest place in London right now.
We weren't expecting what we found from this brand which seem to be synonymous with the American 'preppy' look, but....we really were quite stunned.  This brand have shifted, and incredibly so, with their 'Rugger' launch, from the high street generic male-look to a place which is unconventional, non-routine, anti-bourgeois, fabulously uncomfortable, youthful, thin, non-sentimental and non-rational - we love it.
These guys are flirting with living on the edge but in such a considered and intelligent way.  They wont reveal how to achieve their 'Cool' (this changes all the time anyway) however they have presented an incredible way of shopping that we just simply have to come back and look a lot more.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Louis Vuitton, London

Here's what you have all been waiting for.  Can we now please stop sending the stalking e-mails?  We know you have been waiting to see this scheme for ages, and here it is.  We saw the guys implementing this the other night but decided to wait and see the delivered and completed presentation to view it in all its glory so that we could be mesmerised by the spectacle of it all.  These guys always get it so right, don't they?  The attention to detail in their schemes is just superb and they simply and seemingly effortlessly deliver.  Of course, there is a vast amount of work behind these schemes and plenty of late nights too.   This brand wont be going into 'Sale' so we guess this is the final scheme of 2011.  They have produced some spectacular schemes of the highest quality throughout 2011 and we guess the next time we show this brand here will either be New York in December, Paris in January or the newest and latest scheme of 2012. 

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Energie, London

We were quite pleasantly surprised to see this scheme, in part at Energie and the other bits in Ms. Sixty.  These guys have done some great stuff this year and clearly have their fingers on the pulse of what has been happening and what is happening on the high street from Trend agencies,  Lux brands all the way to the multiples.  These guys seem to always be able to make their windows look more like a boutique than a multiple, which we love.  Who wants to see the same scheme pumping out of every London street (and several times on the same street) anyway?  White seems to be the thread flowing through Christmas schemes in London right now together with either taxidermy/faux/re-created animals and in particular birds, so these guys have got it bang on.  Of course this is not the whole scheme from these brands so you'll just have to go and have a look yourself to see how this little puzzle hangs together.  Get yourself down to their Carnaby street store and check them out?

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Banana Republic, London

We really do like this scheme at Banana Republic in the centre of town right now.  Doesn't it feel like everyone (in this case the mannequins) have just arrived for a party at a gorgeous house somewhere?  We do love this concept and with huge baubles to boot how could we not?  We would have liked to have seen each window with a different feel or room however, but, well that's globalisation and multiples on the high street for you.  Still, its clean, sharp and fun too (just paint the bottom of your wires and get a mop on that floor though?)

Monday, 14 November 2011

Moschino, London

Oh my.  What can we possibly say beyond VM God help us?  The concept is here, but execution certainly needs some (a lot) of attention.  Don't you think?  We quite like the concept here, but giant hands with saggy 'gloves' with ring bags just isn't doing it for us.  How about you?

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Reiss, London

Only a few hangover memories went through Terrys mind the day after the secret night time window party and how trying to fart the tune to 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' had perhaps not been such a good idea afterall. 

Gucci, London

We're keeping our fingers crossed that this isn't the Christmas scheme for this lux brand.  We're not big fans of motifs and Gold stars for Christmas has just tipped us over the edge.  We're not sure why this brand have re-produced something that we have seen countless times from the 'innovators to the laggards' the world over, year in year out.  Oh dear, run out of ideas Gucci?

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Nicole Farhi, London

If you haven't seen the latest scheme at Nicole Farhi, do pop down to Conduit st. and take a look.  Besides their incredible fairly new site and only the third scheme in these windows, which quite honestly are incredibly difficult to work with, the guys here really have made this space their own.   We've been following them for a while now and they just get better and better.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Fortnum and Mason, London

Were you at the launch of the Fortnum and Mason window scheme last night?  No?, well you really did miss a corker of an evening.  As we have come to expect and anticipate, the scheme here at Her Maj's grocer is quite superb so you wont be disappointed if you do manage to view the spectacle for yourself - and you really must.  Don't limit yourself to just the windows however as this scheme flows right through the store.  Burlesque dancers in suspended illuminated cages hang throughout the atrium.  We can only marvel at  how they got them there..!  But anyway, do go and have a look at this wonderfully glitzy scheme and marvel at the level of detail that these guys go to.  If you want to know 'how its all done' and how to handle product with attention to detail, as always go and have a look at Fortnum's windows.

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