Monday 9 July 2018

Anthropologie, London

We don't think we have ever seen so many references to Pride with rainbow flags in abundance all across town, in particular of course along the march route on Saturday.  This is a great thing naturally although part of us also wonders why?  While it is a great time to celebrate (at least in London, we're not sure its actually still that safe for everyone in the LGBT community living in all other UK cities or countries) and fantastic to have the support of just about every global brand on the high street....even Natwest got in on the act.  However, now that being Gay, Lesbian, Trans gender and so on has a more 'acceptable' face we can't help sending a message back to retailers.....Where were you when we actually needed you??  In the meantime, thank you for the support although perhaps lets get the message out there, that our brothers and sisters in places like Chechnya, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria....there's a long list.....homosexuality is still punishable with the death penalty or people are tortured?  Put that in your windows and we will sit up and celebrate more with you.  

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