Friday, 29 November 2013

Burberry, London

We have had so many entries to include recently that it has taken us forever to get around to include this brand.  Well, visually this brand have exploded this year back onto the visual scene and almost every scheme has been incredibly produced and extremely exciting to view.  This is an interesting scheme too which really could have gone so badly wrong but it seems these guys have pulled it off again.  There is the minor point of course that if we don't wear gloves while installing shiny stuff then finger prints do get everywhere and are very difficult to spot with tired eyes after an installation.  We were a little distracted by lots of them, but anyway, we're sure they will be around with the cleaner in the morning.

Ermenegildo Zegna, London

We are growing to like what this brand do with their presentation more and more right now.  We adored their installation in the Harrods windows around the corner from this store in Knightsbridge recently which absolutely oozed the best bits of their Italian background.  Anyway, here we have a series of sleighs stacked in what appears to be a Christmas tree-like format.  OK, well its not stopping the traffic on Sloane street but its is simple and does what it does very well.

Iris, Bangalore, India

Images Courtesy and Copyright Restore Solutions.
We do feel privileged that so many people from around the world send us images of their latest projects and we do try and include everyone when we can.  Far away from a very cold London the Indian brand Restore solutions have worked their magic on the Iris store, Bangalore, bringing the festival of light to life in this beautifully clean space.  Great to see some exciting bits happening all over the globe and not just here in the West.  Thank you guys for sharing your images. 

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