Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Harrods, remains closed until 2013

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OK, don't panic, I'm not referring to the monolithic shopping destination based in Knightsbridge. Ironically, I have always questioned the Knightsbridge, London, world famous department stores strap line, "There is only one Harrods". The reason for this is that I do remember reading about this store in Argentina a long time ago in one of the Sunday newspaper supplements (which I always regretted not saving but must be archived somewhere) although this store has been closed for a long time. Anyway, in a recent article sent to me by one of my contacts in Buenos Aires (Argentina) it transpires that this old store which if I remember correctly was actually a branch of the original here in London - although dont quote me, I may be wrong and I need to do more research - during a period of great wealth in South America is actually due to re-open in 2013. I also seem to remember reading that anyone wealthy at the time when this store was open, sent their laundry to Paris because it came back smelling so wonderfully 'fresh' (although I may have made that up). However, the site remains a sad reminder of faded glory, at least for now. Although, how exciting is this? Unfortunately my Spanish is very rusty so I will have to dust down my dictionary to translate the newspaper article and accompanying video sent to me to find out more information for you. In the meantime, here are just a taster of the visuals of the existing building from a whole selection sent to me. I am really looking forward to seeing this open again, and really hope they maintain the character of the existing structure itself which after all would be one of the main reasons to see this store. This store must be on your list of places to visit and if you get there before me, be sure to send me some images. In the meantime will the new marketing strapline be "There are only two Harrods"?

Images Copyright La Nacion

Liberty, London

I had been wondering if anyone out there in retail world would link in their window schemes with the Surreal House Exhibition currently at the Barbican here in London. I visited the exhibition myself several weeks ago and was rather underwhelmed I must say, particularly as the Barbican usually present some incredible exhibitions and I did leave it feeling rather uninspired and feeling 'well so what', also particularly as the Maison Martin Margiela exhibition at Somerset House was so incredibly exciting. Different kinds of exhibitions, I know, but this is how I felt. Anyway, what I would recommend is visiting Liberty here in London to have a look at their installation which is fun beyond belief with product tied in to their own version of Surrealism. OK, it doesn't quite have the depth of the original, but it doesn't matter. Of course Salvador Dali designed windows in New York which is another interesting historical link (I seem to remember in 1939 for Bonwit Teller the long gone department store). What has been created here is, of course, to the usual exceptional standards this team at this brand are known for.

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