Monday, 29 August 2011

I.T., Hong Kong

Image Copyright Angel Ko

Thanks to our lovely contact Angel Ko in Hong Kong we are able once again to share with you some of the incredible stuff that's happening there.  Here we have IT.  IT began in 1988 as a small independent retailer selling fashion products which couldn't be found elsewhere and has grown and grown to become synonymous with cutting edge fashion.  Check out their amazing website too

Louis Vuitton, Berlin

No journey to a major city would be complete without a visit to Louis Vuitton.  We've found a couple of stores here with the same scheme which amused us.  With their usual creative flair and sense of fun LV have produced these Golden Flamingo / Heron legs on which the product has been placed.  We also have the repetition of the eggs hatching, albeit a smaller version to the ones we saw installed at the Maison's in London and New York.  We do love what this brand do as they really do produce some of the most creative and yet so simple schemes that we used to see historically, while so carefully thought through and delivered so perfectly.  Thank you LV....!

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