Sunday, 20 February 2011

Nicole Farhi, London Fashion week

We had the incredible pleasure of attending the Nicole Farhi London Fashion week show at the Royal Opera House this afternoon.  What a stunning show.  Of course the usual fashionista were in attendance as well as the Grand Dames of Fashion which just helps to make these occasions ever more fun and interesting too.  If you didn't have an invitation, here are some images of the show for you to enjoy.

Lanvin, London

We love the Lanvin store along Saville Row right now breathing some cool fresh air into this dusty cob webbed area of London's West End.  Thankfully there are no dreadful global multiple coffee houses along this street - yet - although I guess its only a matter of time.  We've always felt that this part of town always had a bit of a whiff of aged damp trouser about it so it is refreshing to see some cool places along this part of town.  Mannequins with their bright colourful Afros am sure have raised a few long grey wire haired eyebrows along this street, but who cares.  Its fresh and cool and unless the dusty ageing brands along this street haul themselves into the 21st century, we will ultimately just visit their outputs at a future V&A retrospective. 

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