Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Miu Miu, London

Have you seen the newly opened Miu Miu store along Bond St. yet?  Until recently only Louis Vuitton shone and sparkled out amongst the luxury brands on this street until this store opened.  With their semi transparent fibre glass figures perched on these Rose Magda coloured curly sheep skins and mirrored and metallic surround, this store simply oozes luxury.  I do find the merchandise at these kinds of brands quite vulgar, but the presentation is second to none.  No expense has been spared at this flagship site and I'm dying to have a little scout around inside soon.

R.M.Williams, London

I do despair when I see this kind of thing happening out there (wherever there is of course).  With its bust forms dressed a la Orson Welles in A Touch of Evil, 1958, I just don't understand why these companies simply don't understand how important the visual experience is and which enables them to entice potential customers into their space?  The  product presentation here just looks so odd, and particularly when a hat is placed on a headless mannequin / bust form, as here, it simply paints a very chilling image.  come on R.M.Williams (who I know nothing about) sort out your Orson's.  Spine chilling stuff is going on here.
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