Monday 13 January 2020

Rose Mansion, New York

Further down the experiential trail.  We had been dying to visit this place and in fact missed it last year as we had run out of time but fortunately we were staying quite close by.  If you love your Insta-moments then this is the place for you.  Once we had signed the obligatory disclaimer we joined the group of probably 30 - 40 very excitable females as we were toured through the Rose Mansion.  Each space varies with a slightly different theme and once issued with our branded plastic glass we were off to try some samples of, well you guessed it, Rose.  If you like your glassed on the fuller side then you will be disappointed as we each received probably about a thimble full each time.  With a very energetic team here to guide you through the spaces its certainly not a gentle place and being the only male everyone did suspect that I was an undercover journalist.  Clearly not the case.  Once they realised that we were no threat I soon became the nominated boomerang-selfie-insta-pic taker.  Was it worth it?  Well we can see the fun side of it but they are mean with the booze.

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