Wednesday 25 July 2018

Isabel Marant, London

When did we reach that age when those annoying unsolicited afternoon phone calls from places around England which sound like the kind of town that we're never going to visit now include funeral planners?  Jeez.  Amigone and co.....not their real name obvs.  "Is this a bad time to call?" they asked...."this might sound strange but have you planned your funeral?"  What?  Followed of course by the usual cutting them off in mid sentence. 
In the meantime we're exploring the delights of Mayfair and of course this scheme is rather apt for the current London weather.  We did initially think that these cacti were actually inflatable although on closer inspection they are in fact constructed in some kind of fabric.  Perfect props for this time of year.  In the meantime, if you receive a phone call from Basildon and dont know anyone there, dont pick up.

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