Thursday, 2 June 2016

Armani Manzoni, Milan

If you are visiting Milan then a visit to the Armani Manzoni is certainly a must.  We've never seen such a huge store dedicated to this brand and it looks quite amazing with what appears to be a very wide range of products from their collections.  The windows at night time of course really come alive with the use of these illuminated mirrored hexagons into which their products have been placed.  Do check them out.

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Three Mobile, London
Images Courtesy and Copyright

At the heart of this campaign is the message of untethered connectivity which the team at sought to communicate in this wonderfully intelligent, fun and engaging installation taking inspiration from the concept of a sound speaker and using it as a form of audio-visual communication in order to capture the attention of their target audience. created a series of metal and acrylic sculptures featuring three concentric pulsing rings of LED lights with the hip hop musical influence from which was brought to life with graphic equalizers that display audio signal with the pulse signal and the lights here representing this.  This latest campaign  at Three Mobile can be viewed at 19 of their flagship stores.


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