Tuesday 24 March 2015

Christian Louboutin, London

We've been hovering around Mount Street recently to see whats happening with some of the luxe brands hidden away from the main retail drag.  Swimming through the heavy perfumes, thick cigar smoke and dodging the aggressive Bentley drivers (we really do suffer you know) today we are showing you the scheme currently at the Louboutin store.  Some of these luxury brands really do have a knack to promote a vulgar side to their presentations which appears to appeal to those who can afford this stuff only.  Maybe a job well done then?  A conveyor belt of Louboutin's products appear to be consumed by a kind of 'monster' at the end.  To be honest with you we did look at their website to find the link or some kind of explanation of this scheme but gave up trawling across products called Loubiposh, You you patent and Fifi Python crystal to be bothered beyond a few minutes, but do check it out for yourselves.  

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