Saturday 21 April 2018

Purdey, London

This was a great surprise find right at the bottom of Mount street here in the centre of it all.  We've never included Purdey here, actually we never knew they existed until now as they werent actually on our VM radar; well how often do you go a huntin' and a shootin' right?  But what a great find.  Having been around for 200 years we would of course expect them to get things right and wow do they.  Just look at this scheme with their fantastic (almost) life-sized train and and of course a narrative across the 'run' of windows which reflects a lifestyle that most of us will probably never have.  Still, there is clearly still a market for this stuff and their longevity is testament to the quality of their products.  Just think 'Downton' and you'll get the gist.  

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