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Friday, 28 February 2014

Bloomingdales, Dubai

After a marathon flight courtesy of Emirates airlines, which incidentally is really very good if you have never flown with them before, we have finally landed in the gorgeous and welcomed warmth of Dubai.  Ahhhhh.  Well, first stop is the Dubai Mall which is still (we think) the worlds largest shopping mall?  It really is exhausting walking around here as it is so enormous but you know how much we suffer for our Art.  Here at Bloomingdale's they are asking us which side are you on?  No, not in the same way as 'Which side of the church are sat on?' or 'Which team do you play for?' if you get our drift, but 'Are you up town or down town?' (maybe that has slightly worse connotations?)  Here we have a largely stripey space separated by a 'glass' screen and in some places creating this faux perspective.  It does look great of course but then these guys clearly invest in their teams to produce such a quality output.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Bloomingdales, Dubai

How cool is this promotion?  Right at the front of the store we have Blommingdales' giant Neon Bag promotion.  This leads into a space for the 'little Neon Bags' for us to buy and in addition to this a little shop dedicated to this product.  In store, this space is so incredibly exciting, perfectly lit and at every turn there is another exciting presentation that, in fact we've just realised that we've spent hours here - job wonderfully done.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bloomingdales, Dubai

While its freezing cold back in Europe right now, we're sizzling hot here in Dubai.  How cool, eh?  Post jet-lag we've already been out and about to see whats happening in the Malls around town and we've already spotted some key schemes to share with you.  Here at Bloomingdales, and absolutely on trend they're presenting us with their Neon Nights scheme.  We adore the elongated mannequins they've used here and their sweet wrapper head dresses.  The wiring of the mannequins is a little hit and miss but that aside, we love what we see.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Bloomingdales, New York

For some reason I nearly always forget to have a look at the windows at Bloomingdale's, and so I have made a special effort to go and check them out for you.  This year it was worth taking the time on one of my late night walks of the city to record the scheme here.  While of course the effect is rather less dramatic during the few day light hours we have this time of year, at night time large screens or projected images really do come alive.  While this is not the most lavish scheme I have seen here in the Big Apple, it really is quite dramatic due to the scale of it.  The repetition of these screens and images is quite breathtaking and yet no product in site.  A bold move and a bold scheme.  I really do quite like it. 

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Bloomingdales, Dubai Mall, Dubai

Bloomingdales, here in the Dubai Mall, forms an enormous section of this Mall, over several floors and possibly the same space again through footfall and having walked through this store, I must say that it is absolutely stunning. The merchandise is very, very, desirable and I had to resist, resist, resist from buying anything as I could feel the shopping pangs becoming overwhelming here. What an amazing job this company have done (if in fact Bloomingdales do actually run this, otherwise the franchisee has done a superb job here). The lighting is stunning, the floors are glossy, the open frontage here is very welcoming and the individual product displays within this store are beautifully produced, perfectly kept and in many cases individually lit. The current window scheme of possibly Lichtenstein influenced cut outs are great fun, and if you want to see a good example of what to do within retail then this should be your destination. My photographs sadly don't do this store justice.

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