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Friday, 28 November 2014

Gant, London

Images Courtesy and Copyright Gant

We absolutely fell in love with the use of plaster in this scheme when we first saw it as it immediately reminded us of the work of the Artist Rachel Whiteread.  Gant's collegiate Winter season collection in Cream, Navy, Grey and Camel looks stunning in this scenario.  The inspiration behind the scheme is based on the library at Yale University where the mannequins become the characters in the narrative of two young people who studied together and meet once again at the Christmas party.  The books themselves form the backdrop in a repetition format with the use of mirrors to increase the depth of the space.  Each day we say that the scheme we include is our favourite and we find ourselves catching our breath at every turn here in London as it is looking so good right now.  So, today this is definitely our favourite to date.   Just check our video too....

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