Wednesday, 24 June 2009

See it....Buy it.....Like it....Try it....

A few years ago, a colleague and I worked together on a Final show for our students. We found ourselves with the task of designing the invitation for the exhibition and after many hours brainstorming ideas we came up with this solution. Bearing in mind the student work was based around commercial interiors we set about listing all of the experiences one would have on a shopping journey combining this with the student experience of the course (in Pink)
After the event we found ourselves with quite a sizable collection of left over postcards and rather than waste them, we decided that wherever we travelled we would post the cards back to the University, hence increasing the sense of journey. I am not sure where we were going with the idea and quite what we were going to do with the 'posted' cards, however these random ideas do often come to mind and maybe one day I will decide what I am going to do with them all..!

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