Thursday 24 September 2015

Aishti, Middle East

Images Courtesy and Copyright Arte Vetrina Project

In celebration of the opening of the Aishti Foundation building as the new destination of Art, Food and Fashion, the latest campaign for this brand directed by Sagmeister and Walsh has been inspired by the Sea.  The models used for the campaign were photographed inside fish tanks and rooms filled with Ocean water.  The team at Arte Vetrina Project have used this as the starting point of this campaign to implement the latest window installation at the Aishti stores as seen here.

Miss. Selfridge, London

This is a rather belated inclusion which we havent had the opportunity to include until now, although what a great one from this brand.  In conjunction with Genesis Mannequins and their launch of their latest collection Tesselation, this brand is looking rather grown up and serious.  A welcomed new look indeed.  Check out our short video here:

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