Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Belstaff, London

Images Courtesy and Copyright Checkland Kindleysides
Inspired by Belstaff's motorcycling Heritage, the latest installation which has gone across the major Visual merchandising cities of the world looks quite spectacular.  Featuring the brands Phoenix at the centre of the structure, the mechanical installation brings together Belstaff's rugged signature tones with automotive parts to create an abstracted snowflake.  The backdrops either side of the structure are blueprints from the construction plans.  If you are in London or with us here in New York right now then do go and check out the store.  If you are in neither then have a look at their amazing video by clicking on the link here 

Roberto Cavalli, New York

There is a certain sort of vulgarity that some luxury brands appear to project from their windows although we are getting to the point where we actually quite like it.  OK there is no significant innovation here but we do actually like the references to exotica with the large Golden leaves.  Apart from that there isn't much else here but then if you are Cavalli we guess there is no need to push for sales?

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