Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Selfridges, London

We'll avoid saying that there's something a bit fishy going on at Selfridges right now.  But, wow, what an awe inspiring scheme.  While dodging the tourists and practising our 'umbrelletiquette' in the pouring London rain (nothing new there then) these windows are just incredible to experience.  With heaps of interactivity, information, entertainment but with a serious message, Selfridges remains at the heart of the industry and draws on the historical references of what department stores are all about, although, not dragged but leading the way through the 21st century.  No wonder this place is always so busy when they clearly get it all so right.

Wright and Teague, London

Image courtesy and Copyright Wright and Teague

Serendipity is such an incredible experience and purely by chance a few months ago we came across Wright and Teague via one of our contacts in NYC.  The guys design such incredible jewellery which is both informed and has a clearly strong philosophy.  "Gary Wright and Sheila Teague are inspired, aesthetically and intellectually by the premier role enjoyed by jewellery in all societies, tribal, modern and ancient, its deep rooted spiritual connection to ritual and heritage".  With their latest window installation by the ever talented Gary Wright, we can make such interesting links between what these guys do and how they are enticing us visually into their space.  This oozes the sophistication that we have come to enjoy about what these guys do.  Dover st. is rocking the visual in retail right now. It seems, far more interesting things (than Bond St.) are 'bubbling up' from this part of Mayfair right now.
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