Tuesday 14 March 2017

Bloomingdales, New York

Images Courtesy and Copyright Michael Steele

This Spring, Bloomingdales, NYC, are celebrating the 'Art of Fashion'.  As the worlds of Fashion and Art continually overlap and the lines become ever more blurred Bloomingdales is celebrating the season with exclusive 'masterpieces' events and amazing visual displays throughout their 59th street store.  The store have translated a curated selection of their latest designer collaborations into a glossary of wearable Art and feature artwork by New York based Artist Eddy Bogaert which can best be viewed through 3D glasses, all available to passersby.  Additionally, if you happen to be in NYC and have a smart phone then you can also participate in the scheme and express your creativity by typing Artof100.com into your browser and turn your phone into a virtual paint gun.  There is so much more you can do and discover but do go and have a look and participate if you can as this scheme is rocking the high street right now and one not to be missed.

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