Monday, 7 February 2011

The Kooples, London / Paris

The launch of this brand has been quite incredible, almost appearing from no where to storming the retail scene and gracing every glossy magazine and just about every main high street and even the the side of a London bus.  It seems so new that their isn't even a wiki entry on this company yet.  Their website declares that  "The couples are The Kooples! Masculine/ Feminine". "The Kooples gathers its inspiration from the codes of rock, from music, but with its own signature traits that only truly belong in 2010" (I think someone forgot to update their website here). "It doesn’t matter if it’s night or day, if you’re wearing The Kooples it’s just plain chic".  We've had a quick scan over their merchandise and so far so good.  In fact we're going to swing by one of the stores this week to take a closer look.

Concept Boards, London

We couldn't resist showing you some of the new concept development that our M.A. Fashion buying students produced recently.  While of course Harvey Nichols by no means needs our help, the students were tasked to produce a new concept for 2011 simply as a means of idea generation.  This can of course be produced for just about any retailer, in here, out there or at least somewhere, but anyway,  here are the results.  While one of favourite stores in the world is Bergdorf Goodman, New York, the students were free to decide what they wanted to do and the direction in which they wished to take their schemes with only guidance from the brief we issued.  Our grateful thanks to Lycia, Tatjana and Amaya for allowing us to show you off.

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