Sunday, 31 March 2013

Hackett, London

We're loving the latest scheme at Hackett right now along Jermyn street.  Have you seen the film Brief Encounter?  If not then get yourself onto ones of those global sites and treat yourself to a copy.  This latest scheme has a whiff of the old romance about it and references to times long gone.  It may be that with the UK's perpetual recession and what now seems like perpetual cold weather, that we always seem to reflect on the past and bring on the nostalgic schemes.  We actually really like this one, but then we're old romantics too.  So, put down your comfort food and cosmetics (all great sellers in these times) and pop along and have a look at what these guys are up to.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Pink, London

Men's formal wear is always a bit of a mine field, don't you think?  If a retailer gets it wrong its usually spectacularly awful.  However, thankfully, Pink are rather expert in handling what can sometimes be a very dull product.  We love an out-sized-land-of-the-giants prop and these ones are particularly well made.  Great to see bust forms with articulated hands which are actually being used too.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Jack Wills, London

We're not big on fake heritage brands so this one doesn't really cut it for us we're afraid and therefore we rarely step inside what are usually tiny stores crammed to the rafters with naff old stripey rugby tops.  And breathe.  However, now we have got that out of our system, this scheme is actually is very interesting.  OK, well it does have that awful mesh background that we always loathe to look at at American Apparel, but we do love the use of the Polaroids here hanging on it. The addition of the vintage props such as Camera's, chairs and an angle poise lamp (which incidentally cant be very vintage as it has a round base not a square one) but anyway, it must be doing something right as it made us stop and look and apparently they do rather well.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

H&M, London

Wow, we haven't seen paper formed like this since Bergdorf's in 2000 and Chanel in or around Summer 2007 and looks cool, eh?  What is particularly interesting is how so many retailers have conveniently forgotten that funny old fangled notion of sustainability.  Here at H&M they are screaming louder than everyone right now and back on the wagon leading the way.  The best part is that the next nearest store has a completely different scheme to this one albeit seducing us with their sustainable fashion.  Lets hope all that paper gets recycled though, eh?  

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Fred Perry, London

We're sure we saw this scheme on W.G.S.N. the other day, so guys you are clearly leading trend-wise here and being watched by the biggest trend agency - amazing.  These are such difficult windows to work with but we thought this scheme was quite admirable and looks great too, don't you?.  We often whizz past here just to have a peek and see what these guys are doing and, for such a small space and for a store which is more of a destination place with their core customers and a few tourists tugging at the old heritage wooden racket strings they seem to do rather well (and they clearly  work hard too.....we love that)  Great fun guys..! 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Louis Vuitton, London

What's happening to our once favourite windows in London?  For a brand which is hardly scratching around at the back of the sofa (or the Louis Futon) to find a budget or needs to raid the piggy bank like most, this is a bit of a shabby old scheme don't you think?  Illuminated boxes in different coloured stripes is hardly avant garde, revolutionary and not really what we would have expected from a luxe retailer renowned for its often lavishly produced schemes, witty installations and beautifully produced props.  What a shame.  Sigh. 

Monday, 25 March 2013

Banana Republic, London

Wow, we love the latest scheme at Banana right now.  We're Mad for Mod too and this just ticks all of those boxes so well.  We just cant help love the style of this scheme.......we have a feeling that we know where this design comes from of course as we recognise the style, however we also love the repetition of these radiating forms as a backdrop and the mannequins are dressed and positioned so well too.  We're not sure which company produced these figures used here although we suspect Rootstein as the realism is always so fantastically accurate and the nipples on the females are so remarkable pointed.  Considering how cold it is here in London, this is no surprise of course.  Brands that we have worked with before used to make us shave the nipples off or apply sticky plasters; we prefer the realism and the boys love it too.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Bally, London

Hmmmmmm..........Bally do some simple schemes and this is one of, well, we guess a mountain?  A slightly odd scheme but we guess simple and easy to install (although incredibly dull) and therefore not requiring the skills of a Visual Merchandiser.  Maybe employ a few creative ones and and inject something less ordinary into the windows?

Saturday, 23 March 2013

MCM, London

We're never quite sure what to make of the presentations here at MCM and we know little about them as a brand too.  But anyway, Blue and White stripes and circular chromed tubing not very revolutionary but simple and clean nonetheless.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Dior, London

This is a slightly interesting lil' old scheme from Dior, don't you think?  We've been wracking our brains trying think of the Artist that this scheme is referencing , and we believe it is Magritte?  Dior have often looked rather like  Chanel for quite some time, ya know, producing sticky plasters on the wound of bad Visual Merchandising design, but we rather like this one if we're honest. Thankfully at least its not yet another Warhol even if the Magritte 'pony' has already been flogged to within an inch of its life.  'Ce n'est pas  fantastique mais Merchandising visuel', however, if ya know wha' we mean.  

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Versace, London

What is going on with Versace these days?  We haven't been to see this store in ages but the brand really seems to have lost its edge and interest in doing something less ordinary.  The fire and passion appears to have died and it looks like its lost its way?  What do you think?

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Fendi, London

We haven't been to see what Fendi have been up to for quite some time and have never been inside this 'new' store's site yet along Sloane st.  The brand did move across the street from their other site some time ago and we often wonder why they don't have a site along Bond st?  Maybe being in Knightsbridge attracts the middle eastern clientele who buy this stuff.....who knows?  But anyway, a simple scheme produced to perfection and does what it does, we suppose.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Gucci, London

Wow, Gucci is doing some interesting schemes, aren't they?  OK, well, this scheme does whiff a little of the Blue Man group, or rather Blue, Red, Pink and White group; so slightly creepy.  Maybe they've missed a trick in having a real person in there (or do they?) ready to jump out at the passing footfall, but somehow we're not sure they have that kind of sense of humour (or any?) which would make headlines, top videos on YouTube...........oh the social media list goes on.  Still, simple repetition of mannequins in their Zentai suits looks effective, even if these Spandex suits are a popular sexual fetish (apparently.........but then that's the fun bit).  Bet they didn't see that one coming over at Gucci towers.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Fenwicks, London

Which kind of medication are the team at Fenwicks taking?  Can you believe how much these guys have been rocking over the past few months?  Finally the team here have been able to bring this brand screaming and kicking into the 21st century with this fantastic scheme.  Simple, clever, interesting and each time we pass, stops us in our tracks to take a closer look.  Guys, you look amazing here along Bond street.....please keep these schemes coming, we love them.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Dolce and Gabbana, London

We often walk past this store along Bond Street here in London as they have been producing some really interesting schemes although we don't always have the opportunity to include them.  We love with theatrical set with one piece of merchandise presented either as a puppet of an illusory figure.  With their open backed space this little installation looks great, don't you think?

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Tods, London

Spring really is around the corner isn't it?  The weather here in London (apologies for being so stereo typically British and mentioning the weather) is absolutely freezing cold. This scheme, just as with Tiffany is a welcome view and evidence at least in a minor way that warmer weather is around the corner or at least hope.  Tods mirrored walls create a perpetual mass of foliage in amongst which their product is placed.  Bring on Summer.   

Friday, 15 March 2013

Canali, London

We don't often see much creativity in menswear brands (with the exception of a few) and rarely here at Canali.  We love these out sized props in their masculine steel finish.  A big, big, big shiny tape measure in a menswear window; oh, what could it all possibly refer too...ah yes, that these guys probably offer bespoke suits, we're wryly guessing?  Of course, it is great to see this brand, who we know very little about, produce a creative scheme and be a little less ordinary on the high street and this is most welcome.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Issey Miyake, London

Is there any way of not loving what Issey Miyake does?  We are huge fans or this brands work although unfortunately some female call centre person from our bank here in London isn't it seems.  We're forever receiving phone calls about our expensive tastes and pay for the privileged of our bank writing to us telling us so.  We already know who shall not be named.  We simply cant resist walking past here without a little peruse and that's OK, right?  With their fabulous light installation we are drawn in ever more, like little moths to a flame.  Damn you Visual Merchandising you got us again.  In the meantime, Julie at 'Natwest', please stop calling - you freaky stalker with your crimpline uniform and no appreciation of fantastic design.  We promise not to hide behind the sofa each time you call and pretend that we aren't in - honest.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Diane Von Furstenberg. London

There is a little high pitched squeaky buttock clenching going on when we walk past this brand, although this scheme does actually photograph rather well don't you think?  You're probably wondering why we would even say anything vaguely derogatory in that case?  Well,  all of the 'components' are there, and besides the mannequins appearing as if they are in a police line up it does actually look quite fun.  We do love the cartoon-like back wall in this semi-enclosed space although the dynamics are not quite there and everything is placed as if someone is attempting to fill out the space rather than use it strategically.  That said, whether deliberate or not, we do think that putting the products on the pedestals is good fun; even if they (whoever 'they' are) haven't realised the connotation and denotation of what they have produced.  

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mathew Williamson, London

We've been huge fans of Kyle Bean's work since we spotted it ages ago in Selfridges windows.  On this occasion an interesting collaboration is now in place at Mathew Williamson's store in Mayfair here in London.  Anyway, with this year long collaboration which will evolve throughout the seasons and change every two months we cant wait to see what they do next.  This store is not always known for its innovative Visual Merchandising (the product of course is superb), however the mannequins always look as if they have argued with each other and haven't changed in three years (at least) and the installations always appear as they are an after thought or a sticky plaster on the wound of bad visual merchandising.  Come on guys, closer groupings and bigger statements.  We love Kyle Bean's work so lets do it justice?

Monday, 11 March 2013

Tiffany, London

Can it really be Spring time already?  Its freezing cold, plants are still dormant (or dead here in Europe) but as usual the luxe brands are way ahead of everything and not only predicting the future but telling us how its going to be.  Clever stuff this.  We just wish that we could take a peak into their crystal balls; Oh you know what we mean, cheeky.  Anyway, here at Tiffany we have a fantastic view into their usual fantasy micro world of doll house proportions.  These amazing perspectives wouldn't look out of place in a microscopic version of Downton Abbey, minus the mini-me Angela Lansbury trying to flog the blu rays to you in the U.S. on a perpetual loop of course.  

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Illamasqua, London

This brand seem to work so incredibly hard to get themselves on the fashion 'map' and we really like this about them.  They also always present their products so incredibly well.  For such a new..ish brand (in the greater scheme of things) it must be so tough working in this part of the industry with so many massive global competitors.  However, we've seen their presentations even in such areas as the Middle East so they are clearly doing something right and their presentations look fantastic too.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Gola, London

We've been seeing more and more collaborations between brands over the past few years and this is an interesting one, don't you think?  Who would have thought that the fantastic Liberty and sporty Gola would team up to produce a product?  We saw this type of collaboration previously with Dr. Martens which looked super cool and of course H&M have done loads of work with the likes of Versace, Margiela, Lanvin etc, and this is an interesting trend moving forward.  We'll keep our eyes peeled for some additional collaborations and share them as we find them.  

Friday, 8 March 2013

Godiva, London

Here we go go again, strap yourselves in and baton down the hatches, Easter is nearly here.  Just like Christmas schemes Easter installations are in place well in advance of the event itself.  We're not particularly keen on this brand, but we do love the giant suspended Chocolate egg.  That's all there is to say about what these guys are doing.  Sigh.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Esprit, London

This is a surprisingly interesting scheme from Esprit, don't you think?  We are pleased to see that the repetition of mannequins in an ordinary-space-days appear to be far behind this brand and, well, hands up, these guys are so interesting and really working hard for your 'bucks'.  We like that.  With their train station-style installation all painfully crafted (probably on a budget but that's OK, right? - no, not really) these guys have delivered a fun, interesting and less than ordinary scheme with minimal cost.  We know very well how hard it is to do these things and we wish that the accounts departments of these types of brands would just leave the creative  teams to get on with the job and support them in producing lavish schemes; no chance of that happening.  Sadly the boys (and females) possibly in Grey suits just love to feel cool and privy to the party.  Sometimes, we have to work the floor and just let them think that they are, even if we know otherwise, right?

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Ralph Lauren, London

Gorgeous Spring / Summer colours are slipping into schemes around London right now which is a welcome relief from either Easter or winter installations.  Thankfully also, the holiday season is creeping up on us (a little quicker would be nice of course) so this beautifully presented scheme at RL is just what we need to see.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

VM & Display Show, 2013

Have you registered yet for the VM & Display Show yet?  No? Then what are you waiting for?  Just click on the image above and complete the pro forma and the guys will do the rest (it takes a few seconds).  So cu'mon lets get on with it, eh?
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