Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding Day, London

If you didnt receive your invitation to the big event of 2011 (like us) we can at least enjoy the spectacle from a distance - and this is possibly the best view too.  In the meantime we can of course enjoy the visual of the high street around town anyway for free.
Austin Reed
Butler and Wilson
John Lewis
Peter Jones

Asprey, London

We really loved the images here at Asprey (not Asprey and Garrard, as the PR and Marketing departments do tend to contact us to correct us).  However, a couple of years ago, just by chance we came across and met with Chelsea College of Art alumni Stephen Rosenthal.  The concept here is almost identikit to Rosenthal's work, albeit with different images, but the technique is the same.  Of course Rosenthal's work is far more sophisticated, in depth and hard hitting and includes amongst his work, images gathered over a period of time that "depict the subtext to the characters [that Roesnthal portrays] who have lived a repressed existence within the public glare - much as [he] suspect[s] many contemporary artists are living today in PR relationships which protect the idea of a projected male identity".
Of course, while the concept here does work very well,  it is not actually very original so we do feel a little wrong footed that this has been presented, ya' know, as if we wouldnt find out.  We say this as there is no reference in this concept to any original sources and thats just plain old unfair, right? Check out Stephen Rosenthal's interview from 2009 at to see what we mean.

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