Thursday, 9 December 2010

Alexander McQueen, London

It is very difficult to fault the work of these guys at Alexander McQueen.  The presentation is so incredibly simple yet perfect, the merchandise of course is exquisite and the concept doesn't fight with the merchandise and try to steal the show.  These guys just get it so right.  Here, the team have used headless figures in a White finish to which they have adhered a fine wire mesh head.  How simple is that?  The perspex printed backdrop gives a sense of depth to this relatively small space.  If you needed to find a way of creating something so simple yet stunning then look to these innovators.  Wonderful stuff.

Mulberry, London

As a lot of you e-mailed me about this image that I posted last week to share your concerns,  rest assured we now have full inflation once again.  The inflatable handbag is all well and fully erect (possibly stuffed with a Birken?) - enjoy.  I have also included the fabulous handbag balloons in this post too.  Looking good guys down at Mulberry.

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