Friday 2 July 2021

Moose Knuckle, London

Well, this brand is a new one for us.  While we are seeing a lot of empty shop units across town at the moment, and of course the Gap have decided to pull out of the UK and Europe and go entirely online which will leave even larger spaces to fill, the good news is that new brands are moving in and refreshing the high street.  We have never come across this brand before, and it transpires the name of course refers to, well, the opposite of a female camel toe, i.e. male genitalia.  Classy stuff this (we will just sit back and wait for the backlash this name will eventually summon).  Beyond the dreadful name this Canadian brand has a great store although we're not entirely sure how many quilted jackets we need here in the UK, ya' know, global warming an' all that although they do do hoodies too.

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