Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Esprit, London

Well its all about the wool this week here in London, just about everyone who is anyone has taken the opportunity to dance with the Prince of Wales (almost literally) and promote Wool.  I love wool - terrible for trying to get rid of the moths though in my Victorian abode.  I find myself having to wave my hands in the air trying to catch the little bleeders on an hourly basis.  Living in a scenario of ostentatious poverty, i.e. gorgeous darkwood  floorboards and not a hint of carpet any where, I just don't know where on earth these little things are coming from.  Clearly there is a moth underworld breeding somewhere in here just getting ready to launch their chomping little jaws into a gorgeous something.  I once lost a whole beautifully tailored woollen Vivienne Westwood suit to these little guys - a very expensive dinner on me I guess.  Yes, I have the cedar wood, the candles, the incense sticks burning daily.  It all seems to be in vain keeping on top these flying friends and just cant stand that 'crunch' when one steps on them or bring myself to squidge them.
Anyway, beyond the annoying Sale graphic across the window here, Esprit is looking really good.  Out sized balls of wool in the most gorgeous colours and abstract figures makes this store look cool again.  

Kew Gardens, London

You cant beat a working day meandering around the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew here in London.  Of course, this is not meant as an advertisement for the place, but to research new concepts for Commercial environments this is an incredible place to begin.  Natural forms in repetition and radiating formats, examples of gravity defying plants, colour and texture and combinations of all of these, this is certainly the place to begin.  Winter time is also spectacular, particularly when it snows when you can make your way straight to the Palm houses for a bit of exotica in a tropical climate and yet its freezing outside.   With the oldest and largest glasses houses in the world (unless Dubai make a faux version or attempt to buy these ones) these ooze history and depth that really cant help but inspire you.

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