Friday, 30 December 2011

Marc Jacobs, Las Vegas

Its always a pleasure to view fun schemes with a narrative of some kind behind them, don't you think?  Here at Marc Jacobs at the Forum (Caesar's resort) it was refreshing to view such little merchandise (confident retailer an' all that) with a kind of Treasure Island narrative.  One mannequin on a tiny sandy island complete with treasure chest and handbag lost to a shark.  With that much treasure, why worry, just buy another load of them, eh?

Nike, SoHo, New York

Have you seen this Nike 'concept' store down town?  Isn't this cool and who would have thought it was Nike of all places?  We're not huge fans of Nike ourselves.  We still haven't got over Naomi Klein's book, No Logo - but that's our issue.  Anyway, what a fabulous concept and incredible merchandise too.  OK, well it still has that annoying tick symbol on everything, so we wont be buying any of it, but the Japanese-styled stuff really does look great.

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