Saturday 13 February 2016

Aishti, Beirut

Images Courtesy and Copyright Sagmeister and Walsh

Just in case you thought we had forgotten to include any Valentines schemes here's one just for you.  This combination of two and three dimensional elements for Aishti, Beirut features a Sagmeister and Walsh graphic with the use of the repetition of the arrow form.  As always, with this brand the final result is a dynamic installation by Arte Vetrina Project with a less than obvious focus on this retail calendar event which is much appreciated.

Miilington Associates Invitation @Retail Expo

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Salvatore Ferragamo, London

Ferragamo have finally injected some fun into their schemes and appear to have ditched the old wooden fixtures that they seemed to have had for so long.  The latest scheme should appeal to the much younger market perhaps which luxury brands are possibly realising is the future of their longevity?  Old customers are already in the bag (so to speak) so why keep focusing on the existing and bring in the new.  Great strategy if this is the case?

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