Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Moschino, London

The simplicity of the scheme at Moschino right now is actually quite spectacular, that this space here at their Conduit st. store almost appears as an Art gallery.  There's not very much to say about this scheme apart from that its shoes on a map of Europe, however it does actually look incredibly striking, don't you think?

Kew Gardens, London

Unsalable (US), Unsaleable (UK)  Kew goes stateside? the meantime, don't've been warned.  A gentle and welcoming approach to customer service we thought.  We couldn't find the bubble wrap so we've decided to poke and have a "pop" via here. 
Haul yourselves into the 21st century guys at Kew, these kind of signs are reminiscent of when Thatcher was Queen and not appropriate for a 21st century commercial market. 
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