Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Wynn, Las Vegas

No photograph can ever capture this incredible place.  Here at the Wynn, in Las Vegas, this secret garden is just incredible.  Suspended flower structures, palms, trees, plants and all sorts of seasonal foliage fill this enormous space creating a very magical experience.  We're resisting being drawn into the casinos, although it doesn't take us much to resist, the mere thought is nauseating (the noise of the slots is also quite deafening) although there are places such as this within these incredible hotels that one should experience.  The streets are comparatively empty as everyone is inside to either gamble or wander and be amazed at the decadence of this town.

Jill Stuart, New York

Wow, we loved these structures at Jill Stuart.  The guys here have created these giant 'shadow-like puppets' placed as if they themselves are the puppeteers for the mannequins.  We've seen references like this at places such as Mango and Zara (Bond st.)  temporarily at their London stores, but dont these look really cool?  So simple, but working so incredibly well.

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