Friday, 20 May 2016

Gant, London

Images Courtesy and Copyright

You probably haven't seen this scheme yet as it has literally just been completed.  If you wanted to know what 10.000 individual threads looks like in a retail store window then here it is.  Working through the night, the team at have installed this fantastic new scheme at Gant along Regent street.  Thankfully the Visual team at Gant are not afraid of putting the creativity back into window schemes and this bold statement demonstrates the confidence this brand have in their product.  This was no doubt phenomenally time consuming to install however the visual impact of this is very much appreciated.

Massimo Dutti, London

This is a dramatic installation from Massimo Dutti.  With references to travel and possibly Cholita Fashion we particularly adore the Red Bowler here worn by the central female mannequin.  Did you know that the positioning of how a female wears this is actually quite 'loaded'?  For example, if worn to the side it denotes that the female is single, worn in the middle of the head it communicates that the female is either married or widowed and apparently the local joke is that if the bowler is worn over the back of the head it means its rather 'complicated'.  Who knew, eh?.  Anyway great narrative which huge impact from this Italian brand.

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