Tuesday 22 May 2018

Email Subscribers Notice

Dear Email subscribers, 
Thank you for subscribing via our daily emails however sadly we are no longer able to send out regular posts in this way from midnight on 24th May 2018 due to privacy laws changing,  however if you would like to keep up to date with regular information (and we hope that you do) please join us via our facebook site which you can find through the link below (you also get to view more windows than through our emails anyway and have the opportunity to share what you do too...!)


Smythson, London

Posting images of schemes which refer to an event that has already gone is not the usual thing we do although it is worth mentioning and including these things as they appear and disappear to fast that if we dont include them then maybe they never happened?  Here at Smythson their Bond street store has been rocking a giant congratulatory 'invitation' across their window spaces.

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