Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Tadashi, Las Vegas

Right across from Anthropologie, within the Forum at Caesars is Tadashi.  Its quite refreshing to find brands that we don't know and this one is possibly an independent?  Anyway,  although this isn't the most exciting scheme in the world, we think it was produced actually very well.  OK, well we have the usual White High Gloss figures placed in a 'bus stop' format (VM speak for grouped badly - these should have been grouped as a 3 and 1), although the props here do work rather well, don't you think? 

Anthropologie, New York

Anthroplogie always get their Visual Merchandising so right, don't they?  We loved every second in this store at the Rockefeller center and actually went back to make some purchases after visiting the Liz Taylor collection (before it was auctioned) opposite to here.  We just love this look so much.  The juxtaposition of materials and props is just so superb.  The work that these guys do really is Art.  The combinations of materials and textures creates an exciting rhythm within the space that we just cant help ourselves and keep going back to see what they will do next. 

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