Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Aishti, Middle East

Images Courtesy and Copyright Arte Vetrina Project

Who knew that the middle East was looking so fantastic?  Those clever guys at Arte Vetrina Project have yet again brought enormous creativity to this brand with their LED flex Neon lighting and images from Sagmeister and Walsh.  If you happen to be passing the stores do go and take a close look.

Scheltema, Amsterdam

Images Courtesy and Copyright Beekwilder, Amsterdam

We are always pleased to receive images and information about Visual Merchandising schemes around the world and it really is great to see that Amsterdam is looking so good.  Those of you who live in Amsterdam or frequent visitors will no doubt know the Scheltema book store.  The team at Beekwilder have woven their magic over this store during the festive period and included colourful presents, Christmas greenery and beautiful lighting on  the exterior which leads into the shaky tower which consists of 4000 spinning baubles and a mountain of coloured boxes within the interior space. Just check out their Youtube video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_9EoBffHgI&list=UUARE5XJ4jyu1gGkYtSQetiQ

Bottega Veneta, New York

We often miss the windows at this brand on our late night walks around London as the security around their product is ferociously tight, however here in New York its here in all its glory.  Large format graphic fills this enormous space with a line of US domestic post boxes in which are contained their products.  Imagine finding one of these in your mail box..!!

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