Wednesday 11 November 2015

New Look, London

We last included this brand on this site over 5 years ago and we were rather less than favourable in our comments. Yeah, OK, we know we can be brutal and dismissive although we tend to tell it like it is and if no-one says anything, whether you may disagree with us or not, then nothing will ever change; or at least not very quickly.  More often than not we do focus a lot on luxury brands and the reasons for this are of course, that luxury brands invest so heavily in their Visual Merchandising, we have something interesting to show you and very often the creativity and originality is quite a spectacle.  However, we are seeing brands like this shout a little louder and nudge themselves onto our radar and we feel compelled to include them as they appear to have turned their schemes around quite phenomenally.  Christmas of course is the time when just about everyone splashes the cash around and invests just a little more in their schemes as they fight ever harder in turn for our cash.  We've also read in the press that New Look are snatching (in a good and competitive way) some of the customers who would normally shop at M&S; this is no easy task for sure and clearly they have the 'right' kind of merchandise to attract that kind of customer.  Along Oxford street this is certainly a worthy contender for cool seasonal schemes and we really hope these guys will invest more and more in their presentation into and beyond 2016 so that we can all continue to be excited, keep talking about them and keep them on our retailstorewin-dar.

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