Saturday, 15 December 2012

Oliver Sweeney, London

You may remember a short while ago that we commented on how badly wrapped these, well probably boxes we guess, here at Oliver Sweeney on Conduit street were in the image above. our amazement, they've been swapped for these deliciously packaged gifts complete with signature ribbon and gorgeous paper that we would love to receive ourselves.  What a difference just a little bit of thought and care make, eh?  Cheers much better.  We may be stateside right now but we can still sniff out an improved scheme......;o)

Ralph Lauren, New York

There's always something so satisfying about visiting New York during the holiday period as nearly everyone makes such a big effort to embrace the season and show themselves at their most imaginative and  exciting.  We've visited the Ralph Lauren Mansion along Madison several times before as they do what they do so deliciously well and we want to keep coming back.  This years scheme is nearly all White, creating this fantastic winter wonderland and of course is beautifully produced to the standards which keep this brand at the top of the industry.

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