Friday 9 October 2015

Marc Jacobs, London

We did try very hard to like this scheme (not that it matters whether we do or not) however we saw the use of wooden step ladders in windows two years ago and lets not even go there with 'bits' of mannequins.  Hybridised mannequins just don't work too as the figures themselves are usually not designed to be put into certain positions other than for which they were originally intended but it is something which we find particularly inexperienced Visual Merchandisers occasionally try to do and it just looks awful.  With a brand as significant as this, surely there is a budget to find human-ish arm props if they are going to be used at all?  There is quite a sinister tone to this scheme and Cluedo-esque vibe which we actually quite enjoyed, so it didn't take Agatha Crusty or Hercule Columbo to guess that the murderer was Ms. Scarlet in the study with the rope.  If she had been swinging from the rope (although God forbid) we would at least have raised a well manicured eyebrow and maybe a little gasp.  Have a look at our video to get a better overview although if you are in the office maybe turn the sound down a little.  The external alarm at the store was ringing when we visited.  Possibly a cry for help. 

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