Friday, 13 July 2012

Godiva, London

We saw the guys installing this scheme recently at Godiva.  It was however,  strangely after the Jubilee for some reason although the references are more 'London' anyway so we guess it still works OK?  If you look closely the 'grassy' crowns are actually on the outside and inside of the fenestration which is always great to view.  We're beginning to see more an more Olympic based schemes now so we will be  showing these very soon.

Olympics, London

If you happen to be swinging by Liverpool street then do pop in and have a look at the latest graduates at Free range just by Brick lane.  We visited last night for the Private View, although it was a little manic and rather overwhelming.  Anyway, we spotted the above which appears to be the top of the NatWest Tower?  Is that right?  Everything is heating up here, finally as London prepares for the Olympic games so hopefully you have tickets.  If you do happen to have a couple of tickets for the opening or closing ceremonies please do let us know (we're part of the annoyed London majority who couldn't get tickets because of the scandalous way sales have been managed; An enquiry into why of course wont happen until after the games have finished - just great, eh?
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