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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Nim Po't, Antigua, Guatemala

Just a fleeting visit to this incredible place we had to research for some gorgeous stuff to take back home.  Here at the amazing Emporium of goodies called Nim P'ot (ironically on 5th Avenue; we chuckled too and no Saks either) their stuff is stacked to the rafters.  And amazing stuff it is too.  Need a hand carved figure or a hand embroidered throw, then look no further.  This absolutely stunning place is the kind of store one would view in a glossy magazine although the place is far less staged and very earthy.....think Anthropologie. 

Panama Canal, Panama

No journey would be complete to Panama without a quick visit to view the Panama canal. Its a little like one of the 100 things in the world to see before you die, right?  Anyway, this is the last entry from Panama  before we fly to view the delights of Guatemala.  We've uploaded our inspiration from Panama onto Slideshare which you can access from either the top of this page or through their site.

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