Saturday, 30 November 2013


This week before flying across the pond to the Big Apple to view their Christmas offering, we've decided to peruse the delights of the Parisian Retail schemes and have a look at what our friends across the channel are doing.  We have found some gorgeous bits here and made some videos too which, while a little naive at least hopefully will help the schemes come alive a little.  Anyway, just watch this space. 

Hermes, London

This scheme at Hermes really did stop us in our tracks.  How incredible?  We are absolutely stunned at this amazingly bold move and absolutely thank them for leading the way in producing such an exciting scheme which, we have to say, does make the surrounding luxe brands pale by comparison.  We have passed by this store along Bond street a few times during installation as there appeared to be a bit of a teaser going on but haven't had the time to stop until now.  This made us stop.  We are truly wowed.  Job superbly done.

Mappin and Webb, London

We are literally squeezing in all of the the amazing schemes happening in London right now as there is so much happening around town.  If you happen to be at the end of Bond Street where it meets Piccadilly then do swing by and check out these gorgeous little beauties at Mappin and Webb.   These guys have literally risen visually like Phoenix out of the retail ashes which followed after the global recession and it really is refreshing to see them looking so bold and confident.  We love these props here which really are exquisitely produced and of course so deftly handled.

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