Sunday 26 February 2017

Colette, Paris

If the crowds are anything to go by, Colette of course is the centre of all things cool along the Rue St. Honore.  The store, in you are unfamiliar with it is brimming with all of the things you never knew you needed (or wanted) with collections from luxury brands you may never even have known existed and ones that are just about everywhere else. The staff here seem to be a lot friendlier than they used to be too, probably realising the power of social media so taking photographs no longer seems such an issue.  Gucci in one window and vinyl on the fenestration of the other with the strapline 'Boy Meets Girl X Care Bears' we are clearly missing something here although judging by the amount of tourists making large purchases this concept obviously works incredibly well.  We. on the other hand left with nothing.

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