Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Can YOU help? Jessops, UK

Image Copyright Lanza Martineta

When the going gets tough, the tough are left out in the cold.  Another sad story of clearly hard working staff hung out to dry.  80 years of brand heritage gone.  Through the power of the window, these guys have offered their services to the world out there.  We know you 'the world' read this site as we check our stats and goodness knows it reads like a who's who of brands globally from luxe to value to independent.  So come on, do something worthwhile other than peddle your wares to us and lets get these guys back in the retail 'saddle'.  If we say nothing, who will?  Follow the story here:  We will no doubt be in trouble for this, but then if you read out 10 Commandments of Visual Merchandising 2013.....its just the mid-life crisis kicking in.

Myla, London

This brand oozes luxury and shines like a beacon of hope.  We love what they do, we crave each installation and we love the experience of finding the next next one.  Oh no wait.  No, not love.  The other one.  Harrowing.  Copper mesh bra's, oh dear.  They may be shiny but this scheme is not saying luxury to us and there is no hope.  Get yourself a copy of the book Brahaus and lets see some fun here, eh?

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