Sunday, 20 November 2011

Hermes, Hong Kong

Images Courtesy and Copyright Angel Ko

Our fabulous contact Angel Ko in Hong Kong has once again sent us some of the best that this part of the world has to offer in terms of window schemes in Asia.  Hermes are currently using these gorgeous White horses - of course this links quite nicely with their heritage - and bales of hay manicured to within an inch of their life and on which the product has been beautifully placed.  A very simple but so sophisticated, don't you think?

H and M, London

There was a huge amount of excitement in London's West end with the launch of Versace for Ebay this week.....oops, for H and M this week.  The queues were literally around the block waiting to buy this stuff.  We saw customers with literally bags full of this hideous 'bling' at the Tube stations throughout the day.  It seems H and M have cracked a fantastic promotional angle the likes of which we tend to only see outside Apple stores before the launch of yet another I-something.  Anyway,  we hope this week that you managed to get your one-of-each-size purchases to sell on Ebay too.

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