Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Fortnum and Mason, London

The blinds have been down for a week at Fortnum's with the guys beavering away behind the schemes teasing us by only revealing a window at a time.  Of course the level of detail that these guys go to is remarkable so how could I possibly complain when the finished result is so spectacular?  While we live in an Xbox and press-return-answer-on-google-world we simply cant hurry this kind of work.  After all, could you imagine Caravaggio or Raphael photoshop-ing their masterpieces on some kind of production line? - hardly, this is after all Europe, not the contemporary Far Eastern zone, if you get my drift.   Anyway, there are hints of what is to come in the images below with product grandly presented as works of Art and hints of bringing the romance back into this season.  In the meantime, I will be patient and bring you the windows in their full glory when all is done very soon. 

Market Day

That's just how I felt this morning.......Well its market day again today and goodness knows its freezing cold right now in the early hours and no fun having to get up out of bed to snap up the latest stuff, although I must say that it is always worth it and I always look forward to seeing those delicious finds and buying for clients. After a hot Tea and croissant from our friends across the water it always makes things just that little bit better and I get over it.  Anyway, the above little beauty was snapped up in minutes as I saw a very small old-ish hairy man in a long Black coat carrying her away in a very large bag and quite honestly looking very dubious at that - still whatever floats your boat an' all that.  The usual crew were out in force peddling their new wares and I did happen upon some gorgeous bits such as the currently unloved but wonderful shaped chair below.  As for the stacked suitcases, is anyone still doing this?  Sooooo 2010. 

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