Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Asprey, London

I have to admit that I really do like the new scheme at Asprey.  This is possibly one of the best schemes I have seen from this brand in absolutely ages.  I was of course very complimentary of their Christmas scheme although prior to that possibly a little dismissive of their previous ones and no surprise really, taa daa.., !!! those dreadful trees that they had here a few months ago now have a look-a-like in Mango's scheme (Roger's theory of diffusion of what? bring it on laggards, next stop Primark I guess).  But anyway, hands up, these guys have pulled it off once again and I was drawn in to take a closer and longer look at what they have produced.  Entertaining and witty, who knew Asprey could be such fun?  And beautifully produced too.  Cheers guys..!

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