Friday, 28 January 2011

Epices Roellinger, Paris

If you happen to be along Rue Sainte-Anne here in Paris, you must stop by at Epices Roellinger and have a look at this incredible store.   Sandrine Donvale who runs this particular site is most helpful and provided us with a lot of information about this site.  The spices here are heavenly.  In the centre of the store is this cabinet that wouldn't look out of place one of the grandest museums, in which sits a ship made of cloves - just exquisite.  All around this space are spices stacked to the rafters with names such as Poivre du Sichuan, Graine du Pardis, Muntok blanc and so many others too numerous to mention.  This place really is so wonderful and unique that we could hardly bring ourselves to leave.  If you want more information about this brand, do check out their site at or better still, go and pay them a visit.

Les Arts Decoratifs Exhibition, Paris

We couldn't help ourselves and had to whip out the cameras to capture some of these little gems at the Les Arts Decoratif's exhibition in the Louvre right now before being busted by a very masculine female security guard.  Such is our life.  Anyway, this really is a superb exhibition celebrating 150 designs selected from the most "emblematic" collections of the 90's and noughties.  The exhibition shows work from various movements in fashion from "Belgian, British, urban, minimalist, haute couture and independent".  Our favourites here are the McQueen, Westwood, Miyake and Margiela pieces which really do communicate the creativity of the period. Our only gripe is how dusty and dirty the floor of these showcases are and chipped mannequins have been used which really distracted us from the incredible beauty of these pieces.  So no points here for presentation.  However, if you can ignore that then do go.  Well, go anyway as it really is quite stunning. 

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