Saturday, 31 December 2011

On the Streets, New York

We will post our thoughts and reflections on the year just teetering on its way out and the new one about to begin.  Just watch this space for the new 10 commandments of Visual Merchandising 2012. 

Friday, 30 December 2011

Marc Jacobs, Las Vegas

Its always a pleasure to view fun schemes with a narrative of some kind behind them, don't you think?  Here at Marc Jacobs at the Forum (Caesar's resort) it was refreshing to view such little merchandise (confident retailer an' all that) with a kind of Treasure Island narrative.  One mannequin on a tiny sandy island complete with treasure chest and handbag lost to a shark.  With that much treasure, why worry, just buy another load of them, eh?

Nike, SoHo, New York

Have you seen this Nike 'concept' store down town?  Isn't this cool and who would have thought it was Nike of all places?  We're not huge fans of Nike ourselves.  We still haven't got over Naomi Klein's book, No Logo - but that's our issue.  Anyway, what a fabulous concept and incredible merchandise too.  OK, well it still has that annoying tick symbol on everything, so we wont be buying any of it, but the Japanese-styled stuff really does look great.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Paul Smith, Las Vegas

The Mondrian-look is a little done to death, don't you think?  We do actually really like this store, although, thinking of the kind of quality window schemes that these guys usually produce and how beautiful their stores usually look, this one is rather disappointing.  We have no idea whatsoever why this store looks so different from its 'sister' stores around the world, and although change is always welcomed, a Mondrian inspired store front wouldn't have been our first choice.  Maybe this is avant garde here in Nevada, who knows?

Urban Outfitters, New York

We could resist but capture these amazing installations at Urban Outfitters.  We're loving all of these market-style finds.....gorgeous clear crystal glassware suspended like a contemporary chandelier and these gates wrapped in wool.  It looked stunning seeing this store.....just wish the merchandise for males wasn't just like every other brand on the high street.  Ah well, still, the store looks really cool.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Fendi, Las Vegas

We were really wowed seeing this Fendi Store at the Aria center here in Vegas.  We love, what we call the 'strip tease' effect that some retailers do so well.  'Things' which are gradually revealed are always far more exciting than if we are merely presented with them - just like a strip tease, and Fendi have done this so incredibly well.  With their almost completely covered windows, we are given just these small reveals to peer through.  Watching the passing crowds at this mall, so many people did.  As curious animals, how could we not?  Beyond the reveals are tiny abstract movies playing and one with a changing coloured background (below).  Great stuff, we think, don't you? 

On the Streets, New York

Walking the streets at night seems to be the only thing we do these days.....we're a bit like Visual Merchandising hookers (without the 'Daisy Dukes', boob tubes and high heels of course), looking out for everything fabulously visual that we can find.  In a freezing cold New York we came across Storylights by Katherine Jackson at the New York public library.  How cool are these installations, hey?  We don't know much about them (a bit of a nuisance really although perhaps there was more information inside and I guess libraries are not open 24/7.....yet.  Anyway, these reminded us of some strange, lost prehistoric creatures.  How one would apply this into some kind of commercial space, who knows.  Its too cold to think here right now.  But anyway, aren't these cool?

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Tadashi, Las Vegas

Right across from Anthropologie, within the Forum at Caesars is Tadashi.  Its quite refreshing to find brands that we don't know and this one is possibly an independent?  Anyway,  although this isn't the most exciting scheme in the world, we think it was produced actually very well.  OK, well we have the usual White High Gloss figures placed in a 'bus stop' format (VM speak for grouped badly - these should have been grouped as a 3 and 1), although the props here do work rather well, don't you think? 

Anthropologie, New York

Anthroplogie always get their Visual Merchandising so right, don't they?  We loved every second in this store at the Rockefeller center and actually went back to make some purchases after visiting the Liz Taylor collection (before it was auctioned) opposite to here.  We just love this look so much.  The juxtaposition of materials and props is just so superb.  The work that these guys do really is Art.  The combinations of materials and textures creates an exciting rhythm within the space that we just cant help ourselves and keep going back to see what they will do next. 

Monday, 26 December 2011

Anthropologie, Las Vegas

Through pure serendipity we came across one of our favourite brands right now - Anthropologie.  The mixture of materials and textures the guys use here is just superb.  The fixture in the image  below (left within the image) is an 18th Century Butchers block from France - stunning, eh?  If you happen to be at the Forum shops, attached to Caesars Palace, then do go and check them out.  The Forum is staggeringly huge so it may take some time however.

666, New York

We spotted this store along Bond st. here in New York about a year ago and loved their use of Neon within the interior space.  This is also the first time we have actually seen the 'Barbie' mannequin being used in a commercial space.  You may remember that Rootstein launched this mannequin in New York a couple of years ago.  There are lots of references here to 'B**ches' (and we mean a lot) throughout the space and on the merchandise, although it is actually done in such an amusing way, we don't think anyone could really be offended.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Wynn, Las Vegas

No photograph can ever capture this incredible place.  Here at the Wynn, in Las Vegas, this secret garden is just incredible.  Suspended flower structures, palms, trees, plants and all sorts of seasonal foliage fill this enormous space creating a very magical experience.  We're resisting being drawn into the casinos, although it doesn't take us much to resist, the mere thought is nauseating (the noise of the slots is also quite deafening) although there are places such as this within these incredible hotels that one should experience.  The streets are comparatively empty as everyone is inside to either gamble or wander and be amazed at the decadence of this town.

Jill Stuart, New York

Wow, we loved these structures at Jill Stuart.  The guys here have created these giant 'shadow-like puppets' placed as if they themselves are the puppeteers for the mannequins.  We've seen references like this at places such as Mango and Zara (Bond st.)  temporarily at their London stores, but dont these look really cool?  So simple, but working so incredibly well.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Louis Vuitton, Las Vegas

Well, we couldn't be in Vegas and not check out our favourite visual brand could we?  Here on the 'strip' is another one of their gorgeous stores.  Of course we've shown these Elephants and scheme in New York and London already here, but we couldn't resist but include this store too.  We think this is a Frank Gehry building which also houses Tiffany, Tom Ford and YSL, but we'll have a closer look soon.  We will also be putting an album together to give the flavour of this 'bonkers' place shortly.

Isabel Marant, New York

We've never noticed this store before around SoHo, here in New York (or maybe we have?) but anyway, Isabel Marant is a brand that we're not very familiar with.  However, we were drawn into take a closer look as these wooden structures spinning side displaying Merry Xmas, the other Happy Sale. Now that's a good (clever and creative) example of getting the most value out of a scheme, eh?

Friday, 23 December 2011

Calvin Klein, New York

We do like to view this store on occasions as they tend to produce rather more avant-garde schemes than the rest of the brand.  We've see quite a few installations by various artists in conjunction with CK and we do love this.  Here we have an installation offered from Nathaniel Rockowe.  This structure is suspended throughout this beautiful space, almost hoovering-up or about eat consumers from the street.  These things make window schemes just so interesting don't you think?  We're just wondering what it all means.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Sephora, New York

While we never shop at this store, we do really love what they do.  The Sephora store's 5th Avenue scheme really does look superb.  With its beautifully laser cut material - the detail here is remarkable - filling these windows across the whole of their fenestration.  Night time of course is the time to view these as they very much act like a monochromatic stained glass window.     

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Gucci, New York

We weren't massive fans of the Gucci scheme in London that we recorded recently, however the New York store along 5th Avenue really does look quite superb.  OK, the star motif isn't our favourite thing but the way it has been repeated in this format to give the illusion of some kind of perspective in which the product sits, really does work so well, although it is a shame that a bust form was selected instead of a full mannequin, don't you think?

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Louis Vuitton, New York

Of course no visit to the Big Apple would be complete without visiting our favourite 'visual' brand, would it?  Louis Vuitton have implemented a variation on the same theme as their Maison in London.  Its difficult to decide which version is our favourite because they are both, as always so beautifully executed.  But anyway,  these windows shine like a beacon from its corner position opposite Bergdorf Goodman, Tiffany and Bvlgari that really does make for a visual merchandisers heaven. 

Monday, 19 December 2011

Blanc De Chine, New York

We've viewed this store for quite some years, although strangely only now included it.  Anyway, we love these 'ultra violet' (?) structures supporting this scheme.  At night time they cast a wonderful glow on the outside to the street - quite welcoming when its so cold here.  Anyway, these illuminated icy looking structures really are very cool.  We're not sure how they have been produced but, if you get the chance, do go and take a closer look and maybe let us know?

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Fendi, New York

We've seen the use of easels and Artists canvases back in London throughout 2011 at Anya Hindmarsh and Diesel for example.  We love the Rothko feel to the canvases together with the colour of the merchandise.  The overall composition does look really quite beautiful, don't you think?

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Henri Bendel, New York

Wow, you must go and see Henri Bendels scheme along 5th Avenue right now.  With their mannequin 'dressed' in multiples of tiny beans, accessorised with Liberty's torch this really is great fun.  Suspended illuminated and spinning frames hang just inside the store with references to the Rockettes.  We particularly love the decorated chandeliers inside, but you'll have to and see these for yourself.  We've made a video if this store for you to feel the experience yourself - at least in part.  Click here to view.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Aether, Pop-up, New York

Have seen the pop-up Aether store in SoHo?  Although we weren't particularly drawn in by the merchandise (more of the same old stuff one can buy just about everywhere really) we were drawn in because of the fabulous caravan (is there an American term for one of these capsule-like mobile thingies?)  Anyway, this looked really cool, we stopped, we looked (although we didn't buy) but job well done.  Maybe just sort out the merchandise so it doesn't look like everyone else?

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Saks, New York

Meanwhile, here in New York, Saks are 'entertaining' us with their latest projection.  Well, how much longer could we endure the illuminated snowflakes and the sound of tubular bells eh?  Anyway, in true 'cookie-cutter-dare-we-offend-anyone' style we have the exploding bubbles and snowflakes - Dull at the very most, but of course you may think oherwise.  If you like this malarkey, you can catch our video (which incidentally was recorded in great anticipation after pushing our way through the crowds of international cookie cutters)  by clicking on the link below.

On the Streets, London

Were you on the London Underground yesterday morning at about 11.00am?  Very creepy promo going on at Oxford Circus.

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