Wednesday, 28 December 2011

On the Streets, New York

Walking the streets at night seems to be the only thing we do these days.....we're a bit like Visual Merchandising hookers (without the 'Daisy Dukes', boob tubes and high heels of course), looking out for everything fabulously visual that we can find.  In a freezing cold New York we came across Storylights by Katherine Jackson at the New York public library.  How cool are these installations, hey?  We don't know much about them (a bit of a nuisance really although perhaps there was more information inside and I guess libraries are not open 24/7.....yet.  Anyway, these reminded us of some strange, lost prehistoric creatures.  How one would apply this into some kind of commercial space, who knows.  Its too cold to think here right now.  But anyway, aren't these cool?

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