Friday 29 June 2018

Moncler, London

If there's one brands' windows on the high street that has 'BDE' (best to google that) then its this one and there's nothing better than viewing some great windows or otherwise being glued to the digital fibbing box and watching England playing....well however really.  Of course with late night light here in the centre of it all proving to be a curse in capturing the best of the best in retail store windows in conjunction with the heat (dont even ask about travelling on the tube which is driving everyone to distraction) there's nothing better than perusing up and down this capsule of luxury that is Bond street.  (Incidentally, it looks like the amazing Frink sculpture, Horse and Rider has been moved from its old site at the southern end of Dover street and placed outside RL).   With clever use of mirrors and well, this box-like structure, which we know is distorted in our image....damn you daylight....reveals tiny figures with each box lighting up in turn. 

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