Saturday, 27 August 2011

Idee, Berlin

This store grabbed out attention while meandering the streets of Berlin seeking out all those places not in a guide book already.  Anyway, we were very intrigued to see what this place was all about and it is actually a 'craft' store.  Fixture after fixture of all the stuff you need to knit, sew, create and produce your crafty bits.   Its all sounds a little 'naff' but actually this is quite an incredible store filled with all sorts of stuff to let your imagination run wild.  If you need to make props, you could do no worse than check this place out.  The fabrics are quite incredible too...!  The exterior lighting is also wonderful to view as the lighting flickers and changes.

On the Streets, Berlin

Oh those Germans and their funny fashions.  We had wondered if we would find the obligatory 'mullets' and 'pony tail' hair styles and Voila..!  or rather Los Gehts...!  Ok we are poking fun, but we couldnt resist people watching and identifying our awful stereotypes.  We dont normally stalk unsuspecting Germans....just a bit of fun....honest..!

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