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Monday, 22 January 2018

Sonia Rykiel, London

If you pop by Sonia Rykiel right now you can add your own personal 'mark' to this brilliant installation.  Situated at 29, Brook Street, here in the centre of it all, the brand have just launched its "Manifesto" on its incredible 50th anniversary and "invites you to invent and inscribe in your own words and titles" a "literary or poetic proclamation".  The installation in collaboration with the Slovak visual artist, Jaro Varga, "questions the relevance of physical books and their eventual obsolescence", while offering you the opportunity "to define the books entered into this conceptual library".  If you happen to be in this part of down, dont be shy and have a go, the guys here are incredibly friendly, they all look stunning and more than happy to offer you a marker courtesy of http://www.winsornewton.com/uk/  Incidentally, the new collections in store are delicious too.

Super-sylist Danny Letton adds his own personal mark to this incredible installation.

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